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The New Missions Are Not about Conquering the Moon!

A convincing post concerning the influence of Professor Mazzucato’s work on the agenda of Horizon Europe was published recently on this blog. Of course, as a public intellectual (or perhaps a thought leader)1, she did a very good job. Thanks to her passion, commitment and eloquence, she succeeded in placing the mission message quite high on the agenda of the European Commission as well as of many other public and international institutions and forums. However, the panegyric requires a few nuances.Read more

Online seminar on science-based policy advice in agriculture, food, climate and environment

The SSC is part of the European Science Advisors Forum ESAF an independent platform of European science-based strategic advisors that promotes and facilitates the use of scientific evidence in policy. On 16 and 17 Mars, together with Aarhus University in Denmark, 300 people discussed on science-based policy advice in agriculture, food, climate and environment. Find here a summary of the main results.Read more

«Il faut trouver comment cultiver l'entendement et le discernement. »

Un entretien sur la science et ses limites, sur la communication et l'art de la pondération. Retour sur cette «année COVID» avec Gerd Folkers, président sortant du Conseil suisse de la science (CSS), et Sabine Süsstrunk, qui lui a succédé dès cette année.

L’entretien a été réalisé par This Rutishauser, kontextlabor.ch. Il figurera dans le rapport annuel 2020 du CSS.

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«Wir müssen den Weg zu mehr Erkenntnis finden. »

Ein Gespräch über Wissenschaft und ihre Versäumnisse, über Kommunikation und Gewichtung. Der Rückblick auf das «Covid-Jahr» mit Gerd Folkers, dem abtretenden Präsidenten des Schweizerischen Wissenschaftsrates SWR, und Sabine Süsstrunk, SWR-Präsidentin ab diesem Jahr.

Das Gespräch leitete This Rutishauser, kontextlabor.ch. Es wird im Jahresbericht 2020 des SWR erscheinen.Read more

Lessons from the corona virus pandemic for the life sciences

The SARS-2 Coronavirus pandemic has brought infection biology and the importance of molecular mechanisms of virology and our immune response into focus. It is an opportunity for life scientists to respond to a call for information and explanation, that comes from beyond our community – a request from the general public and from government officials.

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